Auditing Your Public Participation Infrastructure

Public participation (P2) continues to evolve from one-time events to a deep culture of engagement and capacity building. To hasten and support that evolution, course participants learn how to conduct an “audit” of their organization’s engagement infrastructure (policies, procedures, proficiencies, and performance) to assess strengths and weaknesses, and then plan specific actions to advance a robust engagement infrastructure.

We introduce the value of such an audit tied to the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Core Values and Code of Ethics for P2 Practitioners, and walk through the two-part Audit: assessing your current work and interpreting findings, and then developing a responsive Action Plan.

Through short presentations, hands-on exercises, best practices and innovations, and group learnings, participants understand how to take their organizations through this audit and planning process and elevate the importance, value, and benefits of meaningful engagement.