Costs, Logistics, and Supplies


Course customization, logistics, e-versions of all participant materials, and course delivery by MJ Bull and Anne Carroll is $6,500. Travel and lodging expenses are paid directly by the client or billed at cost and paid via invoice. Terms are net 15.

Logistics and Supplies

We will provide additional, more detailed information prior to the course.

Marketing, venue, and meals provided by client

  • Meals and snacks:  High-protein/low-sugar lunch, and morning-afternoon snacks/drinks
  • Promotion, registration, and internal communications
  • Venue: Flexible arrangement of tables and chairs that allows both U-format and work in variable teams  

Supplies and equipment

Trainers provide:

  • E-version of Participant Manual, cover, spine, and all templates
  • Exercise materials
  • Presentation laptop

Client provides:

  • Laptops or tablets for participants/teams
  • Color copies of Participant Manuals in 3-ring binders
  • LCD projector and screen or white wall
  • Flipchart paper, at least 25 full-size sheets (sticky if possible)
  • Nametags, table tents
  • Heavy duty c. 25’ extension cord with multiplug