Course Outline

Below is the course table of contents, which is significantly deepened by participant contributions and perspectives through the many discussions and exercises throughout the course.  

Welcome and introductions

Module 1: P2 as Infrastructure

  • Framework: Why P2 is essential to good decision making, and so challenging to do well
  • What P2 is (and isn’t)
  • Exercise/discussion
  • Values and ethics
  • Case study
  • Exercise/discussion

Module 2: P2 Infrastructure Audit

  • Audit Overview
    • Introduction: Process of Engagement Audit
    • Conducting the Audit
    • What to Audit
    • Exercise/discussion: Visioning
  • Audit Practice
    • Team exercise
    • Cross-group consultation and shared learnings
    • Full-group debrief and guidance

Module 3: Action Planning

  • Overview
  • Small group exercise
  • Debrief and guidance

Module 4: Implementation — Overcoming organizational barriers to change

  • Finishing your P2 Audit and Implementing your Action Plan
  • Small-group exercise: Overcoming implementation barriers
  • Debrief and guidance
  • Supplemental Resources

Closing reflections and evaluation